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ASP.NET: Why Is It Worth Your Time?

You have chosen a career in web development and now you want to enhance your skills. You learned HTML and CSS, but you still think that you are lacking in server-side platform knowledge. You need to choose from all the platforms and languages available. Why should you opt for ASP.NET?

As a developer, you are required to be in pace with the latest technological advancements. A framework which is highly in demand and updated can be the next best thing to mention in your resume. ASP.NET is not just in demand but it also has a huge community using, enhancing, and supporting it. It is secure, compatible, and extensible. It has been around for more than a decade and its popularity among professional coders keeps rising.

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web development platform. It is made up of tools, programming languages and a vast library that can help in building innumerable types of applications. Developed by Microsoft, the platform’s latest version is ASP.NET 4.6

This is an extension of the .NET platform. It has gradually become the favourite platform of developers to build web applications in the least amount of time possible and one with the most features. Since this is a Microsoft resource, there is a plethora of knowledge available about it online and offline.

How Does it Extend .NET?

.NET provides a base framework for web development, ASP.NET is the additional framework that helps developers with impressive extra features.

What are they? Read below:

● It processes web requests.

● It supports web page templating syntax that helps in creating dynamic web pages using C#

● Strong authentication system. There is a vast library, a deep set of database and templates available. ASP.NET allows external and multi-factor authentication as well.

● There are editor extensions available with this additional framework.

● Extended libraries for common web patterns.

Why Should a Developer Learn it?

As a developer, your job is to build web pages and applications in the least possible time and by prudently making use of your resources. You need to top the charts of quality and efficiency in a highly competitive environment.

How can you accomplish that with ASP.NET training? Let’s find out:

1. Open Source Image source:

Efficiency and cost-reduction matters when it comes to rapid web pages and applications development. ASP.NET is open to all for use, current data suggests that there are 60,000 + contributors and 3,700 + companies working with this platform. This also brings the added benefit of always having someone to ask for help. This massive community has created a pool of resources online and offline.

2. Less Coding Since this is an easy to build platform, the time consumed in coding is lesser. The content in program logic is separated to reduce any inconveniences.

3. Operating System Support One of the biggest reason that a ASP.NET course is developer favourite, is its ability to run on multiple operating systems. It runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Docker.

4. Visual Studio Features Since ASP.NET has a partner in visual studio, it has a host of features for the developer. Visual Studio is one of the strongest editors with What you see is what you get editing, drag & drop controls, automatic deployments and more.

5. Configuration Framework It has a redesigned framework for configuration offering features such as binding, flexibility for injunction, just-in-time reload, and more. It also has a built-in logging system which can be extended whenever desired.

6. In-demand Due to its secure nature, ASP.NET is a favourite of government and financial institutions. There is a broad list of organisations looking for talent in this domain. Jobs open up with handsome remuneration for the worthy. All you need to do is become an expert.

7. It’s Microsoft Since this is a Microsoft-developed platform, a lot of Microsoft tools integrate with ASP.NET. This includes SQL Server, Azure, Visual Studio, Resharper, etc.

8. Language Support This is a language-independent platform. It is usually paired with C# and Visual Basic. User controls can be written in C++ and Java.

9. Dynamic Web Page Generation ASP.NET together with HTML can easily create dynamic web pages in no-time.

10. Strong Monitoring

The reason this platform is considered so secure is the feature of continuous monitoring. It continues to monitor applications, pages, and components that are running. In case of any illegal activity detection such as memory leak, it destroys all current activity and restarts. Image source:

At present, there are over 2 million website and a little less than 2 million domains using this platform. That’s why ASP.NET has topped the charts as the most preferred framework for web application development. When you are looking to enhance your career and get those high-rewarding (and creative jobs), you need to add more skills and experience to your CV. Why not opt for an easy-to-learn and versatile framework that will definitely be useful for a long time to come.

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