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Hey there, 

I am Aditi (no surname). 

I work as a Digital Marketing specialist at Oxford Policy Management.  I also handle writing, digital marketing, and communication projects for clients on the side. I have a group of freelancer friends who assist me on writing/video/graphic and web designing projects. 

I can best describe my self as the uber-active soul that wants to make things, lives, situations, and planets better. I am on the lower bottom of a life journey that I hope is filled with learning and experiences. 

I was born in a Maithil family from the Northern part of Bihar. Brought up in Darbhanga City. I moved to Delhi 10 years ago, seeking knowledge and freedom. Delhi did not disappoint. Like a rude teacher it gave me lessons and happiness, freedom and melancholy. 

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I am open to good conversations and new collaborative opportunities

For all business queries- reach out via email or LinkedIn, 

I  appreciate your interest in my work. 

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